Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I almost forgot!

I forgot to mention that I will start posting my writings.... oh, wait, I'm not sure... (did I forget to mention that I am unorganized??) oh well, I will figure out something later. ANYWAY here is something that I wrote yesterday. So.. yeah

I wake up; finally realizing I'm on the ground. I go to get up. I can't move. I feel pressure on my body and I sink slowly into the ground. I struggle and panic as I seep farther down. I hear people's laughter. I can't see their faces. I try to pick up my head but it wont budge. Are they laughing at me? Dirt splashes down on my face like a slap. It itches and makes it harder for me to breathe. Do the laughing people have shovels?

This was sort of a vision I had and I wrote it down fast on my phone. I wrote it in like five minutes so don't be too harsh. Hope you enjoyed.

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