Friday, February 4, 2011

A small story of mine

"Someone is here to see you!" I waited for my grandmother to change expression but she sat there blankly. I walked into the room. I walked in that special walk that helped her remember her baby boy, my father. All of my visits are mostly out of pity but it makes me feel better as a person to attempt to grasp of what memory she has left. I am the only family member left to talk to her. She may have been mentally ill before but this time she was harmless. I had on a plain gray bowling shirt and jeans. I kept my hands in my pocket as I waked. I tried to walk a loose and laid back as I can. I kept my long hair stuck up in my baseball cap. It helped her some days but made her worse others. I stood there with my hands in my pockets but my thumbs out. I awkwardly stood there as she, once again, observed my new profile. After a few minutes of awkward greeting, my grandmother smiled. "Come, sit. I have made diner." my grandmother went to the kitchen. I always made sure that I would make and have her helper deliver the lasagna. I sat down at the table and waited. "here we are" my grandmother sat down the plate and put the fizzed drink on the table. I began to eat when she sat down. I knew too well not to wait or ask if she was going to eat. I ate as she watched. Watching me eat was the most fascinating thing to her. I watched in the corner of my eye as she smiled and enjoyed my eating. I knew not to look at her back but to act as if I didn't notice. When I was done, I set my knuckles on my thighs and leaned back, swishing my tongue back and forth in my mouth. I stared forward and counted to forty. I looked down. My plate was gone. I counted to one-hundred three and soon enough, desert was sitting on my new plate. I ate that too and gave her the gesture that I was done. She picked up my plate and went into the kitchen. After thirty minutes, I got up and went to the bedroom. There she was, sleeping as always.

A quote from me

"I'd rather not to be accepted by the ignorant but to be respected by the wise."

Is there anyone else who said this? Just some wise words from me

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I almost forgot!

I forgot to mention that I will start posting my writings.... oh, wait, I'm not sure... (did I forget to mention that I am unorganized??) oh well, I will figure out something later. ANYWAY here is something that I wrote yesterday. So.. yeah

I wake up; finally realizing I'm on the ground. I go to get up. I can't move. I feel pressure on my body and I sink slowly into the ground. I struggle and panic as I seep farther down. I hear people's laughter. I can't see their faces. I try to pick up my head but it wont budge. Are they laughing at me? Dirt splashes down on my face like a slap. It itches and makes it harder for me to breathe. Do the laughing people have shovels?

This was sort of a vision I had and I wrote it down fast on my phone. I wrote it in like five minutes so don't be too harsh. Hope you enjoyed.


Hi, I'm sure my blog won't have many viewers now but there must be something on here for people to see. So if there is any miracle that anyone is here Welcome! This blog is for me to show the world my writings and if they are any good. If anyone has any suggestions I would love the criticism.... but not too much HA! Some of my writing is depressing but that is what I like to write a lot of the time. I wont always just write, I might just say something. I don't want to make this too long so bye!

"A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool."
-William Shakespeare